Sunday, June 3, 2007


So this past weekend was actually pretty nice. Friday night we went to the ES and had some drinks with my parents, aunts and uncles, and Kelly. She lives around here but for some reason we can't ever seem to get together. We're trying to work on that, but you know how schedules are. She's in school and works full time. I work odd hours, Michele works regular hours. Blah, blah. Anywho, we got some dinner on the way home and then pretty much went to bed because I had to go into work early. Michele's aunt and uncle and mom ended up coming by on Saturday while I was at work. When I got home I caulked the siding that we had replaced on Thursday. Which is good because it ended up raining that night. Now we just have to get some primer for masonry, and then see if the paint that is in the shed is the right color. If not we'll be able to get more, but hopefully it'll be in there and be enough for what we need.
So we napped and then we got up and headed to Winston-Salem. I'm glad we went because I really like Bloc Party, and they sounded really good. But I hate that venue. And I'll really have to like like like someone before I go there again. We were talking about how the crowd is all very frat bro, and really rough. And that sucks. I like the Cat's Cradle. I like the Orange Peel. I like general admission, but I like people to not touch me a whole lot. And if they do touch me I want it to be as they're passing by to get to another area, not because they're an asshole and just not willing to move. So many people wanted beer but then they wanted to get back up front and it just really wasn't possible. Dudes kept tying to reason with other more inebriated dudes and it backfired. People just need to either commit to not drinking and being up front, or to drinking and chillin' in the back. Either way can't have it both ways. Anyway, we got home went to bed and the didn't get up until late this morning.
We ended up going to the farmers market in Raleigh, and got some produce. I made pickles and blueberry/raspberry jam. We also got some beets and I'm going to pickle them too....but not preserve them. And some time soon, we'll have zucchini on the grill.
Oh yeah, there's a new place right at the farmers market that sells a bunch of outdoor stuff. I don't know what the name is but we're definitely going back when we have some cash burning a hole in our pockets...
I go back to work tomorrow and then work until Thursday. That's ok since I have the entire weekend off. Not too excited about it though We're going to Fripp Island to see Michele's dad for his birthday. I'm SURE I'll have some comments to make about the visit. I can't believe I'm taking vacation time to do this....the sacrifices of love!!!

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