Monday, June 11, 2007

So what if I like to listen to songs over and over and over again? It shows dedication, and true love of a song. Until of course I move on. So I have all these pictures that I took over the weekend and now it's my job to upload them and send them to people and also get some printed for us. A lot actually turned out pretty good. What I'm thinking I'm going to do is buy some sort of foam or cork that I can affix to the wall and start putting pictures, etc. on it. It's something I have wanted to do for a while now, but I just keep...forgetting and procrastinating. I made a bunch of pesto today. I need to find some ice trays so that I can freeze it in small portions and use it as needed. And enjoy. I love basil. We have a Japanese beetle problem and they're destroying our basil. So instead of laying down and taking it, I harvested the majority of the basil and made glorious pesto. Did I mention I like pesto? I was thinking I would bring some into work and see if anyone wanted any. We'll see. I hate to waste it all by letting it go bad in the freezer....get all freezer burned. We'll see. I'm really liking my camera, and this past weekend was my first real time to use it and see what she could do. I'm impressed. And I should be. We'll be paying on it for a while.
My extra day off today has been nice. I think that I really do need a day off by myself, at least once every two weeks. So I can do nothing, and do things that I want to do...without having someone structure my day. I realize the need for structure, but only on days when M and I are together. We have to pack in as much as possible on those days. But on my days off alone...I could be on the internet all day looking up music, news, financial stuff, and then spend the last hour before M gets home doing stuff so that it looks like I've been doing stuff all day. Of course laundry is different. You can't just start and finish laundry in an hour. But I can let it sit in the washer after it's done....while I'm doing nothing.
Oh, my cousins called us last night and when we returned the call, M talked to them and then when it was my turn the phone was intercepted by their mom who was telling me about how they were going to send us a check for the Gwen Stefani concert (since they couldn't go). Which was ok, and then she just SAT THERE SILENT. She always does that and that's why I always make M talk to the adults...even though they're my relatives. I can't stand it. Anyway then my uncle gets on the phone and is FUCKING HAMMERED...starts talking to me about how the kids are embarassed about how they didnt call to tell us they couldn't go, and how they thought we were mad...which we were kinda, but you know the kids have a shitty example set for just about everything. It sucks. And we try to be a positive influence in their lives, but it's hard. I just have to cross my fingers and hope all turns out well. But again...the examples have been set.

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