Friday, June 8, 2007


So we went to go see knocked up this past week. It was pretty funny. I have been working nights for the past three nights, which has - phew - taken its toll on me. I'm tired of getting home late. And still getting up early. Anyway we're about to leave tomorrow for Fripp island. We're going there for M's dad's birthday....something I'm not looking forward to. Michele and I just had a long conversation about why I am or am not going to be friends with T at work. I just feel like it's ok, and if I am wrong then I am wrong. We talked about how he's a friend who we're not really both friends with, even though I think that's not really true. I mean I see him at work and she doesn't, but it's not like we don't do stuff outside of work....all three of us. Maybe she'll post on here and give her own views on the subject. I personally am tired of discussing the entire situation and will look forward to a day when it's just all ok.
So after three tries I got a bathing suit that doesn't ride up and does not seem too small. Or too large. Or too short. My last complaints with the last two suits. Anyway, it was worth the pain. We both have suits that fit and look mildy attractive. So....
Hopefully they'll last a few years....
Dear diary, I can't wait to come back and dish about our trip. I'll take good notes about everything and make sure nothing goes unnoticed. I'm looking forward to the drinking and "family" time. I'm not looking forward to the real family time. The face time so to speak. But who knows. It might be ok. Think positive.
I went to the dentist today and sorta sounded like a freak. Asked about how to keep my teeth. I'm a retard, but everything looks ok otherwise. Phew
Will write more soon......

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