Friday, April 25, 2008

It seems like all of my posts have been about music, and that's ok since I really do love it. I really really do. So today, more of the same. We went to see Sia at the beginning of March, and she was really really good. I will say that we didn't like the 9:30 club when we went there the first time. And then of course we went back a few weeks later and it sucked once again. I'm sorry - a beer should not cost six bucks. They should cost around three, maybe four in a bigger city. But whatever. That's why I don't like to drink at places like that. I prefer to drink on the way. Or before we get there. But of course I don't drive when doing so. Anyway, we went toDC and my sister and her family went, as well as my parents. We all had separate hotels, and so we didn't really see each other much. Friday night, we took the metro to my parents' hotel and then walked to a Chipotle from there. And then walked back to the metro to get to the 9:30 club. We had the lovely surprise of standing next to a douchebag who kept bumping into me and telling young girls to shut the fuck up. I mean, what's wrong with people? Granted the girls were text messaging, but they were being fairly quiet...I think he had 'roid rage. He eventually left, so that was great. The show improved greatly from there. Saturday we went to the city and did a lot of walking. We went to the Jefferson Memorial, as well as the museum of natural history (science?), and an art museum. I just had a good time taking pictures and being on "vacation" with my snuggs.
So we came back and decided we were going to try to pay for a lot of our other trips that were coming up. We tightened the belt, and we were able to pay for all of our gas and food out of pocket. I was proud since we had only planned on doing that for a couple of weeks. We're on a budget anyway, so it really was a big deal. It's been hard learning to live within our means. I mean, if I was working we'd have no problem, but since I'm not, it's been tough. I just imagine what it'll be like when I do finally get a job. It'll probably feel nice not to have to watch every penny.
Speaking of watching money, I've gotten into clipping coupons. Also, I have discovered the wonderful CVS, and have been stockpiling free/cheap items from the store. It feels good to get stuff that you'll actually use for free, and that's exactly what i've been doing. There was a time when I'd go to Target to get all of our health and beauty aids. And since they had the lowest everyday price on items (besides Wal-Mart, which I abhor), I'd just get stuff there. Nowadays, I don't really want shampoo unless it's something that I can get for cheap or free. Granted, I don't generally buy stuff that we'd never use (like who wants VO5 shampoo?), but I do buy some things if they're going to be free after getting extra care bucks back and I have a coupon. It's a pretty sweet deal a lot of times. Sometimes you can "make" money by using a coupon. I have to say it's become a bit of an obsession. I just feel like if I'm in charge of the finances, I should be stretching our money as far as possible. The money we save on those types of things allows us not only to eat better quality foods, but also enjoy meals out without having to deplete our savings, or worse - charge it on a credit card. Of course this still happens, but all in all I think we've done well for having one income only. Our life is so much better now. I just wish I could find the perfect part time job.