Wednesday, February 6, 2008

So we had a couple of concerts in the past month. Good times, good times. Except I forgot to say that we didn't make it through either. At the first concert we left due to lack of sleep (nine hours just isn't enough), and the second one we left early because we knew that we could make it through because of what had happened the previous time. Michele had a pretty busy week at work too, what with all of her newfound duties. But I wanted to go see The Fiery Furnaces, and so at least we got to see them. I don't know what Super Furry Animals really sound like, but I'm never generally disappointed at hearing live music. I'm sure they were good. As far as The Fiery Furnaces go, I'll say this - they were tight and sounded pretty much exactly like what I thought they'd sound like. They seem like perfectionists, as far as their music goes. I don't know if that's a good characterization of them, because honestly I know little about them. But perfectionists or not, they were tight, and they were insane. One minute the music sounds all normal (if dorky with Matthew's little keyboard...but in a good way!) and then BOOM -- all hell breaks loose and there are crunchy disjointed sounds that, when given more time (MICHELE) would start to work, and make sense. I'm not saying I'd go all crazy and become obsessed. But I do like to listen to music that challenges sometimes, rather than always instantly liking what I hear.
Speaking of liking music instantly, we picked up a new cd at School Kid's when we were on our way to Chipotle, before going to see The Fiery Furnaces. It's called Some People Have Real Problems and it's by and Australian singer named Sia. Now I don't know much about her, but she was in Rolling Stone (which I did not subscribe to on my own - thanks Tower Theater) last issue, and she seems quite nutty. But that's ok. I think "normal" people are pretty boring. But anyway, she's in there talking about her outfit, and how she took off her undies so she wouldn't have VPL, but then she was totally sporting a full on camel toe. Now there's someone with a sense of humor. Anyone who could talk about their camel toe is someone I'd be proud to call a friend! That's my favorite section of RS. I love learning how to dress like my favorite musicians (where does one buy their tight emo-boy pants?). So the music is good, her voice is good. She seems to have a good range, meaning some songs are super pop-y (Buttons), but then she also has more dramatic fare as well. Her song "Breathe Me" (not on SPHRP) was featured on the last Six Feet Under episode, and it's good. I like the vocal phrasing and the annunciation in that song especially. I also like how you can hear her getting ready to sing at the beginning of the song.  We're going to see her in a few weeks.  I am excited.  I like concerts!