Sunday, June 10, 2007

The 60th Birthday Party

Ok, so these types of experiences don't come around too often. At least not for me, or us I guess. We can be such pessimists, and are always expecting the worst from everyone. But often times that's what ends up happening. I know what to generally expect from people. Especially people who I deal with on a fairly regular basis. M's mom will say something outrageous. A will talk about how he doesn't eat much/is so buff/is so busy/ and will ALWAYS fall asleep in the car. Miguel will never call, will be loud and over the top. My sister will bring up conspiracy theory crap. My mom will accuse me of being a closet conservative. These things are just....truths. So anyway, I was expecting more problems this weekend, but was pleasantly surprised. We got there and hung out for a bit, and went for a spin on the golf car that was rented just for us. Took it to our rental house which was farily decent. We cleaned up there and then met at the marina for our booze cruise. It was a relief. Water bottle filled with vodka and plent of cool chasers. Pretty soon it didn't matter who was on the boat because I had a lot to drink. And not much food. I met the Cgrove cousins...well the other two. I had met the middle in Italy 2000. They definitely like to get their drink on, which was ok since we do too. I couldn't keep up though. So we go eat some dinner after the cruise and then end up back at our rental. Did I mention that we had a golf cart? YESSS.. So we get up and head over to the house for brunch, eat and listen to Heater talk to Miguel like he's her son, or retarded, or both. It's just hard to hear that. But whatever. We go outside, take what is FINALLY a decent picture. We go to Beaufort and get the pics printed at Walgreens. Head over to Sonic which is delicious, but FUCKING HOT because there's no indoor dining. So we sweat and eat our tots and drink our delicious beverages.
We get our pics, head home and then decide to go to the pool. The first place is ok, and Michele gets me a daiquiri. Soon though we leave in search of better pool experience. We meet up with M&H at the cabana pool which is nicer and shadier. I wanted to see if she had the nerve to wear a bikini, but no. Oh well.
We go back to the house and get ready for the party. M&H had gotten recruited to help and unfortunately for us we were not. So we show up and Liz is barking orders and it is so GD hot....and it's hotter inside the little building where all the tables are. So we have to decide between sweating and burning out in the sun or broiling in the shade of the Peg Leg's building. Tough call. I drank too many vodka on the rocks, and then I had some vodka and cokes, and then a vodka with cranberry juice. We toast, tear up, talk, and the night continues at D&E's house. More drinks. More conversations about movies, music, getting shot, wrecks, working (and not working) all the drama in Italy....forgiveness. H wants to talk to M about....well I can only speculate, but prolly about how we have no relationship with her, and Miguel too. But it doesn't end up happening. She wasn't THAT bad, but she's just not someone with whom I'm interested in making an effort. And I'd say I speak for both of us on that. Anyway, we get back home and shower and (I) collapse into the bed, only to wake up seven hours later. Drinking sucks in that sense. We go to the house, visit and say our goodbyes. All in all it was....pretty good. Definitely not as bad as I imagined. Drinking helps I think. But still the contact was limited, and there were so many people that there wasn't a lot of one on one time. Definitely have to have full use of the golf cart, and also would PREFER to have our own place to stay. But we'll see. We just got back and I'm not even interested in going back any time soon.
But if we do....

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