Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tuesday. May 15th.

Best day in a long time. First we got up late, had a doughnut from the night before (krispy kreme, after the Gwen Stefani concert....yeah we like her, so what?). The we got out of the house and went to:
1) Pick strawberries at Jean's Berry Patch $18 (and got sunburned)
2) Eat lunch at Tacos Mexico in Apex $30
3) Buy various gardening supplies at Lowe's $45
4) Buy groceries and other home stuff at Target $67
After all that shopping, etc. we were tired. It's hard though because we're rarely off on the same days. So we have to do all we can when we are together. And it seems of late that if we are off at the same time then we're of course doing something that we are obligated to do (deliver a wedding cake and attend the wedding), or work on the house when my parents are here helping. I'm not complaining about the help or the money from the cake, mind you. Just sayin'.
So anyway, we came home and planted a bunch of tomatoes and realized we didnt have enough pots or dirt. We went up to Ace and looked at pots (too expensive) and lusted over Smith and Hawken patio furniture (way too much $$). I know it's expensive, and yeah I know we're not made of money, but for God's sake, if you're going to get patio furniture, why not get PATIO FURNITURE? I feel like if you're going to buy something like that, you might as well get the best they make. In that sense I am definitely not my mother's child. We want something timeless and solid and.....teak. And teak isn't cheap. Sigh...
Anyway, we came back, had steaks and hot dogs (M) on the grill. And then I made strawberry jam from all of the strawberries we picked earlier in the day. I had never used pectin before in jam recipes, but it helps fruits that are low in pectin jell better. Tastes like shit though. The pectin. Not the jam. The jam is is good.

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