Monday, May 21, 2007

Le weekend

Well I was off on Saturday, and it was a really pretty day outside. We got up and went out to lunch with M's mom and brother (he just returned from a semester abroad). Cheesecake Factory. I enjoyed seeing bro, but I can't help but get annoyed with their mom quelquefois. And I know I'm not alone in that, I just sometimes feel a tinge of guilt about it. Sometimes.
We're almost thirty, and thinking about kids....and it makes sense that I'd stay home with them. Because I'd be working to pay for daycare. I will not be a conventional mom. And I admit that, yeah, it would be great if M could stay home and raise the chitlins, because she is a mom. She always has been. But is it fair to say that she would be "better" than me since neither of us have ever parented?
When we talked about it at lunch on Saturday, I just sat there thinking that I didn't need someone questioning my parenting capabilities. I'm not even a parent yet. You can read books, etc., but nothing can really PREPARE you for having a child. That's what I think anyway.
We got back from lunch, came home and put our blowup mattress out on the front lawn. We laid on it and it felt so nice - cool and breezy. I wish we could have taken a nap, but I kept thinking about snakes swirling around my feet, and Angus wasn't there.
Later we got up and had strawberry shortcakes for dinner. Yeah dinner. That night we went to a concert at the Cat's Cradle in Carrboro. The Rosebuds. They're a local band; husband and wife duo. This time around they had a couple more people in the "band", but it rounded their sound out. They sounded good. I think they were cheesing it up somewhat because people were filming the show, but it was still good. Their new cd is called "Night of the Furies" and is pretty good, although at nine songs, a little short. Their 2005 release "Birds Make Good Neighbors" is definitely worth checking out. It has a lot of nature references throughout and ideas of home and love and togetherness. So much of that I can relate to, especially since we moved into our house around the time we discovered their music. Here we're so close to nature which can be such a comfort. And I do think our relationship with nature has brought us closer together. We've always made a home wherever we've been, but now it truly feels like home. A family that I love so day bigger, unimaginably filled with more love...I love your guyses so much!!!

Before the winter takes hold, and the figs all dry up cold
The birds all meet in the tree and confess love's what they need
The form lines on the limbs, and sing one of love's true hymns
If you listen close, you can even here them say
Will you ever not treat me right?
Are you ever gonna hold me down?
Will you ever get tired of holding me tight?
Looks like the story of love grows all right
Will our love ever end?
Will you let the cold shake our tree?
Will you stop being my best friend?
Looks like the story of love never ends......

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