Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fever in, fever out?

Well, seeing as my better half has posted 2 entries, and I none, I feel obligated to do so, especially as I'm convalescing.
One not so pleasant thing about living in the woods are our insect neighbors, namely ticks. Sunday I mowed our yards and the ditch by our road. For the rest of the afternoon I felt like I had been struck by a Mac truck. Repeatedly. The very marrow in my bones hurt.
Monday I still felt shitty, and even felt like I had a fever, but according to our $7 thermometer, no such luck. Side note: isn't it true that no one really buys someone's illness unless there's a fever involved (hence the ridiculous kid movie trick of the thermometer on the inefficiently hot incandescent bulb)? Or some intense documentable bathroom action, which I'm happy to report hasn't been the case.
So on to work for me on Monday. Came home and took a 4 hour! (no real sleep the night before) nap with L. I woke up hot as hell and now the thermometer reported my temp. as 102.5.
To the doctor yesterday - after a siphoning out a couple of vials of blood, the diagnosis is either an unknown viral infection, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, or ehrlichiosis. I won't know for a few days if it's one of the 2 latter.
But, at this point, the fever and aches are worth having a rooster for a neighbor and seeing a handwritten 'missing peacock' sign at the end of our road...

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