Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year, New Us

Ok, well it's January 4th, and we were making these resolutions before the new year came, but still I wanted to mention them so that if/when we do stop doing them we will have more reason to feel bad. We'll have proof we made them.
1) Stop using plastic bags from grocery stores. I'm not saying that we never will use them again, I'm just tired of having to take them back to the store because I always forget to.
2) Reduce soda consumption. This is a tough one. We love soda, and switched to diet a while ago. But then I got kind of concerned about drinking one every day, just because of the artificial sweetener. So we went back to regular. Tastes good, but if you drink too much, well, then that's too many calories.
3) Make a budget and stick to it. That's hard because I don't have a job right now, but once I do, my money will mainly go towards paying off debt. That will be most fabulous.
4) Exercise 5 times/week. This shouldn't be too hard since we've been exercising regularly for a while now.
5) Watch less crappy television. We just picked up Law & Order though, so somewhere we have to justify that.
6) Less liquor, more wine.  I like some new cheap wine we got from Trader Joe's.  So we'll see if we can stick with it.  

About #3 - I quit my job on September 25th. It was the best day ever. Actually the day wasn't that great, but I closed down the Teet' and then came home and had a great dinner from Maggiano's. And Cheesecake Factory. Since then we've had the weekends off together and it's been so great. It's nice to go places, and not have to worry if I am going to get the time off. Of course we're lower on cash than before, but Michele is supposed to get a promotion soon, and with it hopefully a raise. Not saying that i'm not going to get a job, I'm just saying that we'll be better off financially. But anyway...

So Michele's brother got engaged on Christmas. Ever notice how there's a "gag" in the middle of the word enagaged? I just thought I'd point that out. But the funny thing is their wedding, at least at this point is on my birthday. So unless things change we won't be going. We are planning on going to Europe right around that time, so oh well. Michele really wanted to be the flower girl. And I remarked how upset I would be that I wouldn't get to see his fiance's best friend (a woman) as the best man. Folks, she ain't pretty, and she looketh like a man. That's all.

So Christmas was a little irritating. When we were at my house and then later when we were going to have Michele's family over here to exchange gifts and have dinner. It didn't happen. Next year we want to be somewhere else. And hopefully we will be.

So we're in love with Chipotle now. It's on Franklin in CH. And we go there whenever we can. We'd rather eat there twice then eat other places once. It's so fucking good. Good lord we're going tonight.

Hurry up and get home Michele so we can go eat!!!!!

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