Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Here it is, only January 9th of this year, and I'm already ready for it to hurry up and move along. I'm tired of the election coverage, especially since we have, what eleven months left? I'm all for change, don't get me wrong, I just don't need to be bombarded with this stuff so early on. Not since we spent all last year talking about it too. I remember last Thanksgiving -2006- talking about who had a chance and what not. I'm tired of the writers' strike. I want my new shows, and I want them now. I'm not looking forward to the fact that there won't be an awards season. As much as I don't like to admit it, I like the shows, mainly because we usually have a party with hors d'oeuvres, and that's fun! Plus I like to see what the stars are wearing. Anyway, I'm just wanting things to get ironed out. No more of this hurry up and wait crap.

I'm wondering what's going to happen with Michele's brother. I hate to say that it's bothering me, but it really is. I mean I know that whatever happens, we're not going to go to the wedding if it's on my bday. The thing that scares me though is that I might just go crazy if they do get married then. I don't want two people, who bother and irritate me to no end, to take my birthday. They have three other Saturdays to choose from. And the person inside of me who thinks (sometimes) that people are out to get me believes that they chose that date on purpose, and that infuriates me. You just don't even know. It's enough for me to wash my hands of them. But hopefully it will not come to that. Michele told her bro that she thought it was really tacky of them to chose my birthday as their wedding date. I'm not some distant cousin. I'm glad her mom said something to them about us going to Europe, because it's so early on and they can't use the "we didn't know and now all the plans are made" excuse. If they still stay with that date they're just being bitches, and we're going to look like the bad guys to everyone. Fuck anyone who thinks so.

So we have a couple of concerts coming up in a few days/weeks. The Rosebuds are on the 16th (I think) and then Fiery Furnaces are playing on the 28th (I think). We haven't seen the Rosebuds since May, but they're always pretty good. And then of course there's a chance to go to Chipotle, our new obsession, both times. We're going up to the mountains this weekend to go to my cousin's daughter's birthday. She'll be four, and she's dang pretty cute. We want to get a cabin, but they're so expensive. I'm going to look at some options a little later and see if I can't see anything affordable.

So I have started walking three miles a day, in addition to our usual exercise regimen. I watch Hope and Faith while walking. I figure if I watch that show (a vice) I have to do something to offset it. We're drinking a glass (or two) of wine a night. Last time I had wine, I didn't like it much, but the wine we've been having isn't bad. In fact I look forward to it, because it's nice to decompress.

All in all our lives are pretty good. We have an old person routine, which was bound to happen now that we're, well, old. I'm looking forward to my Metamucil and Geritol cocktail in the mornings. Dinner at 4:30 isn't so bad. It's good because my heartburn goes away before we go to bed. We have to tape Law & Order. We're old. It's ok. We still love each other so much!

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