Sunday, July 15, 2007

Best baby award/fall plans

I know it's terrible to judge a person under the age of 12 months, but I swear that Melanie's baby boy is the sweetest most easy-going baby ever! He is able to entertain himself, and he doesn't seem to get irritated at much of anything. I really wish for one like that. I worry about us losing our shit over a screamer...

So in the past week we've spent shitload on SP concert tickets, although some of them were bought for other attendees. It should be something to look forward to in the fall. A road trip to Philadelphia followed by one to Asheville for the venerable NP and then to Atlanta again for SP, and possibly the NPs. I'd like to swing a visit to my granny's as well. I don't know what the venue in Philadelphia is like. They're playing the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. That should be a cool place to go around Halloween.

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